Generation 9-11: So Far/So Close

written and performed by Chris Wolfe

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2011

Director and Co-creator: Catherine Ming T’ien Duffly

This one-man show is based on stories gathered by Wolfe – a San Francisco and London-based performer, writer, and director – from everyday people across the United States who found out about the events of  September 11th via television, the internet, and word of mouth.

Learn more: http://9-11soloshow.com/?page_id=36

This is a captivating and quietly profound one-man show by San Franciscan Chris Wolfe that refracts 9/11 through the memories of ordinary people, right up to the present day. He’s a charismatic performer, and his characterisation is strong and bold, yet finely etched. At times the show is shocking, at others funny, and Wolfe isn’t afraid to challenge his audience’s preconceptions.”
– David Kettle, The List, The Edinburgh Festival Guide

By focusing on the personal cost of 9/11, Wolfe and director Catherine Ming T’ien Duffly have created a thoughtful and refreshingly honest account of the complexities of the human condition and the reality of a modern society in crisis…Generation 9/11 is a thought-provoking piece of theatre.”
– Amy Taylor, Fest